Jim and Mindy in Rural Veracruz


While we are both educated types (way back there), we have always preferred life simple and funky and close to the natural world. We have found this here...!

Jim is a former professional psychologist (Ph.D. in clinical psychology). Mindy has a background in nursing (Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Health). Mindy's personal passions are solar cooking, organic gardening, caring for our planet, and Harry Potter. Jim's are writing, photography, and playing the recorder (Baroque and Renaissance music and folk music).

We spent the last six years before moving to Mexico, building a straw bale house out in the desert in Arizona and living off the grid. See our web site www.solarhaven.org for more than a few pictures of the place and what we did there.

We spend a lot of time working on our Spanish, and what a big task this is. Of course we are also busy every day exploring and meeting people and just soaking up the beauty and uniqueness of some of the most remarkable places we ever imagined could exist.


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